venomous butterfly

when i saw a void that i felt needed to be filled on the internet of the late 20th century, i’d just go ahead and do it. i am resurrecting this from

I have often found great ranting/writing in simple photocopied zines. Perhaps my favorite zine publisher of all time is Venomous Butterfly. In addition to the former zine Willful Disobedience, which has a European style of written English – even the original English texts read as though they had been translated. V.B. has published a number of pamphlets by Feral Faun and a few one-off diatribes as well as translations. Many of these contain work worthy of widespread readership, so here are some of my selections from Willful Disobedience and anything else I can find from V.B. There is a book of Feral Faun’s writings by Elephant Editions – feral revolution.

and recently i stumbled across wolfi’s google site, Vagabond Theorist



Here’s some of the stuff from my 20th century website Anarchy and Chaos:

From Anarchy; a Journal of Desire Armed

Other Feral Faun rants:

From Willful Disobedience #3



Wow! I actually found something posted from Feral on the internet: Radical Theory: A Wrecking Ball for Ivory Towers

and while i was in prison, Killing King Abacus cataloged quite a bit of Willful Disobedience’s backlog;

Venomous Butterfly Page on the KKA web site