Uprising in Kabylia (algeria)

reposted from non-fides, translated by google

On Monday, January 2, in Algeria, in Bejaia, clashes took place with cops, cars and facades of buildings being attacked, while small traders and market holders went on a general strike against increasing Taxes and state control. The new HQ of the Academy and a BNP bank were destroyed and looted; There were burning barricades, burned mini-buses, an inverted riot truck; And the transport workers joined late in the strike. Local offices of the National Tobacco and Match Society and a household electrical store were looted. In Chorfa, a police station was stoned. In Tichy, another police station was stoned; At Amizour a high road was barricaded; In Bouira, the cops were stoned. In Sidi Aich, another police station was stoned. And there were burning barricades in Ain Benian.


On Tuesday, January 3 in Bejaia, the roads were barricaded, some government buildings burned, shops looted. And various small towns, regions and communes that had previously abstained from going on strike took part in the strike; The main roads were blocked by the burning of tires, tree trunks, etc. ; Gendarmes were attacked in three large areas. Moreover, access to the Algerian border of the Tunisian part of the Kef region has been closed because of fears expressed by the Tunisian state that Tunisian proletarians may be connected to the Kabylie uprising because Yesterday in Kasserine (Tunisia), there were clashes during a demonstration by construction workers who blocked main roads with burnt tires while some young people opened the municipal depot and retrieved the luxury car of a smuggler And several motorcycles; In Jendouba, there were burns of similar tires, etc. Following a demonstration of shipyard workers.

A little more than 2 weeks ago, in Bejaia, there had been a riot outside the Directorate of Education (its windows broken) while 1000s of primary students (some as young as 9), college students and high school students Protested the reduction of the winter holiday from 15 to 10 days. “In addition to throwing stones, the tires were burned and Molotov cocktails were used, the clashes paralyzed part of the city closed to road traffic . If calm returns to the end of the afternoon, the tension still reigns around the Directorate of Education where students have decided to camp.”( http://www.lexpressiondz.com/actualite/256600- of the riots eclatent– A-bejaia.html). High school students also went on strike in 10 schools in Boumerdes and demonstrations of high school students in Constantine and Anna and in Setif.

[Received by mail.]


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