Dynamite, that’s the stuff!


Of all the good stuff, that is the stuff!

Stuff several pounds of this sublime stuff into an inch pipe (gas or water pipe), plug up both ends, insert a cap with a fuse attached, place this in the immediate vicinity of a lot of rich loafers who live by the sweat of other people’s brows, and light the fuse. A most cheerful and gratifying result will follow.

bulletsIn giving dynamite! To the downtrodden millions of the globe science has done its best work. The dear stuff can be carried in the pocket without danger, while it is a formidable weapon against any force of militia, police, or detectives that may want to stifle the cry for justice that goes forth from the plundered slaves.

It is something not very ornamental, but exceedingly useful. It can be used against parsons and things. It is better to use it against the former than against bricks and masonry.

It is a genuine boon for the disinherited, while it brings terror and fear to the robbers.

A pound of this good stuff beats a bushel of ballots all hollow – and don’t you forget it!


Our lawmakers might as well try to sit down on the crater of a volcano, or on the point of a bayonet as to endeavor to stop the manufacture and use of dynamite.


It takes more justice and right than is contained in laws to quiet the spirit of unrest.


text reprinted from a handbill by legendary anarchist and haymarket martyr  albert parsons


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