in solidarity with prisoners of the oppressive french state, an attack is made on police collaborating union CGT

originally published on Non Fides, translated with help from google…

Paris: Details on attack against HQ of CGT, claimed in solidarity with the CCF

NdNF: hi companerxs who, during these last days (and months and years …), denounced the CGT, CFDT, and all unions, due to their historical role of pacifying revolts throughout the entire  world of the workplace, in service to the state. Whatever the method used – to talk, not to speak; to claim, not to claim – against this power and repression, such differences do not often appear publicly, even under the fire of panic and narcissistic distinction.

The anarchists of the CCF and those who express solidarity with the, will always be our comrades against judges, cops, the bosses and the state. Our vision of Anarchy, it is not out of philosophical brochures which blablatter on, or criticizing the diffuse and continuous attacks carried out by the international anarchist movement, from Brescia in Montreuil, under the eyes of power. “Beauty is in the street,” said a tag of 68 …

We present below a statement originally found on Contrainfo:

On the night of 24 to 25 June 2016, a group calling itself the “Cell among others …” attacked the national headquarters of the union CGT . The action was carried out to denounce the collaboration of the trade unions with the police headquarters, and in solidarity with the  rebel prisoners in France, and with members of the CCF –  whose trial for their attempted escape is assumed to be in the process of ending – specifying that a claimed qu’illes was seriously injured, tracked by the cops, and is currently in hiding.

In the media frenzy on June 25, 2016, a representative of the CGT Martinez, several ministers, including the Ministry of Labour El Komhri and Prime Minister Valls, as well as all representatives of various unions in turn, made public statements condemning such acts (as one would have suspected …) and specifying that the police would be strengthened in order to protect the asses of the trade unions and track officials from more “clearly well organized” attacks.

Such a political and repressive mobilization can not be explained both by the level of violence used during this relatively low intensity of attack (yet judged on a scale unprecedented in the media) or by the choice of this target.

Indeed these comrades showed that it was possible to attack and even to break into the headquarters building of the most camera-controlled trade union center of France, the most protected by many professional security guards and a increased police presence in these times of social conflict and state of emergency.

Despite what Martinez claims, the compxs were able to enter the building in order to push forward their destructive passions, as evidenced by the photos of the smashed door. The increased security  is neither enough timely nor vigilant enough, nor the alleged system which should be triggered to prevented such incursions.

The same day 6/25/16, there was open political hype. The anarchist website “News From Disorder” publicly dissociated itself from the attackers, their pretext being that such an action does not have to be claimed, and the outlook in terms of solidarity for them would not be forthcoming.

Here is the short answer made by one of compxs responsible for the attack after this dissociation.

[Repris de Contrainfo.]








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