what are we waiting for? come, make the future!

what are we waiting for?

this is the time to resolve that our lives can be different from what is forced upon us by an insane, suicidal social construction. stop believing in their delusions and create delusions of your own – to share with your mates, compas, friends and comrades. stop doing what is expected of you, starting now! get out and express your rage, celebrate your passion for living, and realize your desires – take this one day to refute everything sold to you – abolish economics!

everyone who still has a heart – everyone who can’t bear to live in shackles any longer – everyone who beats themselves down instead of their oppressors – come out into the streets, the parks, everywhere and meet your friends and those who you will build your communities alongside! let there be music! frivolity! openess! sharing! compassion! solidarity!

come, make the future!

communique de gaian liberation underground

the above was from a callout sent out from greece:

International General Strike called for June 29th

The two main trade unions in Greece (GSEE and ADEDY) have announced a general strike for June 29th. The strike will come six days late, as it is so far confirmed that the government will bring the new law for public insurance and labour issues to parliament on June 23d (!) The new law more than doubles the number of employee firings a company is allowed per month, while cutting to less than half the minimum legal compensation, which will now be paid in installments.


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