to the outraged people of oakland! anarchist solidarity statement

Oakland, To Everybody Coming Out to 14th and Broadway – Anarchist statement on the upcoming Mehserle verdict.

Date Sat, 03 Jul 2010 11:04:32 +0300

We are anarchists who live in the Bay. We are OUTRAGED by the murder of Oscar Grant, and we are pissed at continuing police violence and disregard of communities’ health and safety. We’re writing this letter to all the people who are going be in the streets the day of Mehserle’s verdict.


Some folks have been calling us “outside agitators”. We wonder: outside of what? We are all faced by police violence whether we stay in the 510, the 415, the 925, the 209, the 831, santa rita, san quentin, or wherever. Except that we’re from here. We live here, we contribute here, we have fun here, we get harassed here, and we fight back here. We are men, women, transgendered, black, white, whatever adjective you can think of. We are teachers, students, veterans, workers and the unemployed. We look out for each other. When people caught court cases after the January 7th uprising we were there. The anarchist community stepped up, strategized, and fundraised.


Straight up, we don’t like that the police murder people. We don’t want anyone to have the authority to murder people with impunity. In a society where the banks can take away our homes, where we’re afraid to speak up to the boss, and where the cops can murder us face down and helpless on video and then call us the thugs, we are all Oscar Grant. Last year when people expressed themselves in the streets, we heard condemnation of property destruction but no rebuke of police aggression against peoples bodies. Lets not forget that the only reason Mehserle is on trial is because the people of Oakland rose up.


Some of us will be with you at 14th and Broadway on the day of the verdict. We know that the pigs will be looking to cause trouble, but we’re not going to give them an excuse. We want everyone in Oakland to come out to 14th and Broadway. We’ll leave it to the will of the people assembled to decide what goes down there. Also, we just heard that Alameda County dropped at least $675,000 on an LRAD 300X sonic weapon system, so bring earplugs.


The pigs are already going door to door at businesses and community groups to get them to snitch on those who will stand up. We know this because our doors got knocked on. For us, snitching violates core principles and destroys the very trust we are trying to build. We hope that the orange-vest peace police will address the original cause of violence and face the REAL outside agitators, the OPD and BART Police. There’s gonna be an army of pigs at 14th and broadway on the day of the verdict waiting to pounce on black people and people in black. We aren’t so stupid as to value a few smashed windows over a community acting and speaking together. We’ll respect the tone.


If Mehserle is found guilty of murder it will be historic. If he is found not guilty, or given a slap on the wrist, our response will be historic. What happens in the streets will be determined by the people in the streets, and we know that we won’t be there alone. We say to the thugs at OPD, bring your chumps in body armor. The more Bay Area cops you bring to downtown Oakland to threaten and intimidate those expressing themselves, the more targets you leave exposed. It’s open game on all your $hit from now until the job is done. To everyone else, see you in the streets.

Written in solidarity with all disgruntled peoples fighting for freedom against this police state.

-Some anarchists

from a-info


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