noise demo at Northwest Detention Center, tacoma, june 26th

There will be a noise demonstration at the Northwest Detention Center,
(1623 East J Street, Tacoma, WA), on June 26th at 3 PM. Bring your own
stuff to make noise-buckets, air horns, bull horns, music, drums, other
instruments, etc. Also any banners, signs, fliers, etc.


The Northwest Detention Center is a private immigration prison facility
located on the tide flats of Tacoma, Washington. The detention center
opened in 2004 under a contract with The US Department of Homeland
Security, Though owners have changed over time, the facility is now owned
by the GEO Group Which operates prison facilities in Australia, The UK,
South Africa, the US and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

A contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, the largest
and primary investigative branch of Homeland Security, expanded the
facility's housing capacity 1,000 detainees, making it the largest
detention center owned by GEO Group on the West Coast of the United

In 2003 the ICE launched Operation End Game, the largest police operation
in US history, to remove all undocumented migrants from the US by the year
2012. The project's predecessor, Operation Wetback in 1954, removed 1.2
million Mexicans from the American Southwest.
ICE does not need warrants to make arrests or to conduct raids. Since July
2007, raids have increased the number of detained migrants from 18,000 to
26,000 nationwide. Homeland Security relocates 700 detainees a week in the
United States.

Migrants in the facility are mostly from the Northwest regions of Oregon,
Idaho, Alaska, Washington. Due to the increase in raids they've recently
come from places like New York, Puerto Rico and Guam. ICE agents move the
detainees to the facility under the cover of night.

Nationwide tens of thousands of children every year lose a parent to
deportation. 85% percent of those detained don't have legal counsel, since
they do not have a right to due process or protections against unlawful
searches or seizures.

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