Escalating Paramilitary Violence in San Juan Copala, Oaxaca

by Regional Human Rights Committee Bartolomé Carrasco Briseño A.C.

The following is an unofficial translation of an action alert posted today on Mexico Indymedia. There is a solidarity action in Vancouver at the Mexican Consulate (411- 177 West Hastings St), on Tuesday June 8 at 12 noon.


*The climate of violence, harassment, and aggression towards the community of San Juan Copala continues. * The blockade is larger and there is constant gunfire. * Melitón Rodríguez Martínez injured.

After the unfortunate assassinations of Bety Cariño, Jiri Jaakkola, Timoteo Ramírez and Tleriberta Castro, and the arbitrary and illegal detention of 12 people for almost twelve hours, and just hours before the “Bety Cariño and Jiri Jaakkola” Caravan arrive, the following is taking place:


1. At dawn on Friday June 4 large rocks appeared in the highway to San Juan Copala, exactly at the Sabana Route. It is presumed that to place them heavy machinery was used, they were placed with the intention that they could not be moved.

2. Saturday, June 5 at 9:20pm a paramilitary group shot repeatedly at the community of San Juan Copala from five different positions, MELITÓN RODRÍGUEZ MARTÍNEZ, a 20 year old youth, was injured with four bullets in his leg. To this moment he has not been taken to hospital and he continues to be in grave danger.

3. Sunday, June 6 from 8:15pm onwards, paramilitaries shot at the community again, to this moment we do not have any information about the consequences of this last attack.

With the continued violent, bad faith aggression towards the community of San Juan Copala, and because of the grave risk which MELITÓN RODRÍGUEZ MARTÍNEZ and the people who live in the community are facing, as they are in serious danger, we are calling on supporters to urgently call on the government of the state of Oaxaca and the federal government

see the rest of the article for contact info, at vancouver media coop

o lea el artículo en español en mexico indymedia


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