ZAGreb INFormation potLATCH

from 1999 – anarchists in the remnants of the former yugoslavia post their perspectives online, while they are being bombed by NATO warplanes. this is fucking amazing.

i was looking through my old site last night and wondered if a certain link was still alive, and lo – the results are below.

this was a newsfeed in the former yugoslavia, in reaction to a NATO offensive in Kosovo. gut-wrenchingly poignent.

fret not, though…they seem to have recovered well enough to be holding their 6th annual
anarchist bookfair.

6th annual anarchist bookfair, zagreb

newsletter published by Zagreb Anarchist Movement

Dear friends,

Zaginflatch started as a newsletter back in 1993. It’s goal was to bring out the information on antiauthoritarian movements from former Yugoslavia. It also had a version in southslavic languages called Necemo i nedamo which was designed as a tool of communication among ex-yu anarchists during the war years.

Last issue of Zaginflatch was published one year ago. Because of organizational and financial problems within our group we’ve stopped working on it. Today, urged with the need to try and present at least one part of the atmosphere caused with NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, we decided that we are going to try and restart publishing Zaginflatch.

At this point we can’t say how often will we publish Zaginflatch. It really depends on the information we receive. Also, it is very obvious that we won’t be able to make paper versions and send them out. Therefore we are asking you to print and spread this information which you receive through email. Send it to your local contacts, to the people who don’t have access to email and internetÉ.. Also, we have a mailing list of international groups which usually receive Zaginflatch through regular mail as it comes out. If you can, please write to us and ask which groups in your country are on this list, and then print + send this material to them. It would mean a lot to us, as these groups have supported us during the war and we would like to keep them informed. Unfortunately, we can’t afford to.

For those of you who maybe don’t know this, Zagreb is located in Croatia. It is not under NATO attack, nor in danger. You might ask yourselves then why did we decide to work on this project, and cover NATO attack on a neighboring country?

First of all, we were once part of the same country. Further, there was a bloody war in this region. It was for religious, nationalist and financial interests. As anarchists, we have always opposed to it, and worked on joint efforts between Serbian and Croatian people. We still feel that ex-yu anarchists are well connected, and that our connections are often stronger than those between other international groups. This is only natural.

Basically, with this newsletter we want to inform the international community (this is you) on how antiauthoritarians in Yugoslavia and ex-Yugoslavia feel in these moments. Also, as people who have experienced air raids and general alerts, we want to support our friends in Yugoslavia who are experiencing this today. We don’t want to prejudice any political solutions to Kosovo and other ex-yu problems, we just want to help our friends, and support them in this way. All opinions published in Zaginflatch will be just personal ones. There is no joint platform. Zaginflatch will bring you hardly any news in the way mainstream media does it. For this kind of info we suggest you try cnn, bbc or some other services. They are available to you anyway… This is meant to come from inside… Also, if you’re into alternative news sources, we suggest you try at

Zagreb Anarchist Movement (ZAP)

Reactions to the NATO Bombing by Yugoslav Anarchists

Zaginflatch #15, 25th & 26th March 1999

Zaginflatch #16, 27th March 1999

Zaginflatch #17, 28th March 1999

Zaginflatch #18, 29th March 1999

Zaginflatch #19, 30th March 1999

Zaginflatch #20, 31st March 1999

Zaginflatch #21, 1st April 1999

Zaginflatch #22, 2nd April 1999
[statement from War Resisters International]

Zaginflatch #23, 3rd April 1999

Zaginflatch #24, 4th April 1999

Zaginflatch #25, 5th April 1999

Zaginflatch #26, 6th April 1999

Zaginflatch #27, 7th April 1999

Zaginflatch #28, 9th April 1999
[statement from Yugoslav NGO’s]

Zaginflatch #29, 10th April 1999

Zaginflatch #30, 12th April 1999

Zaginflatch #31, 13th April 1999

Zaginflatch #32, 15th April 1999

Zaginflatch #33, 18th April 1999

Zaginflatch #34, 20th April 1999

Zaginflatch #35, 21st April 1999

Zaginflatch #36, 24th April 1999

Zaginflatch #37, 30th April 1999

Zaginflatch #38, 2nd May 1999

Zaginflatch #39, 8th May 1999

News about Kosovo

More News from the former Yugoslavia


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