Movement Demands Autonomy: An O’odham Perspective on Border Controls and Immigration

…from o’odham solidarity across borders collective(no longer available)

We want to express as young O’odham, that we oppose the building and structure of a wall along the traditional O’odham territory, The concerns of the villages grow in fear of the on-going tactics that is plainly disguised as a ‘part of the rules of conduct for testing censors and technology’, have now made the Tohono O’odham people walking targets and criminals in the eyes of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in our own homelands. As O’odham people, we face the ever growing crucial attacks on Homes, traditional routes, and Identity as indigenous people. The O’odham voice still goes underminded by tribal government and the right of passage through our routes have become a killing field and a battle ground.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recent, unprecedented power to waive existing law along the borders of the United States to construct a massive Border Wall and implementations of stricter border crossing regulations, undermines the Tribal Sovereignty, Indigenous Autonomy and Self-Determination of the many indigenous nations whose ancestral lands span into Mexico and Canada. The O’odham people, particularly the Tohono O’odham people, of southern Arizona are one such indigenous nation once again caught in the middle of the United States Border Policies. Policies that have disregarded the history, voice and cultural impacts that any border wall will bring to all indigenous people whose homeland will be further disconnected by the U.S. push to establish the 1,951 mile barrier on the U.S./Mexican Border, 75 miles of which rest on Tohono O’odham Nation southern boundary. In my introductory analysis, I feel the need to state the history and connection the O’odham people have with their ancestral lands, Homeland Security’s waiver power on the border and stricter policies and how such power has lead to the militarization of O’odham Jev’ed (O’odham lands). DHS power to waive existing laws to ensure the border wall will have negative implications on all Indigenous Nations whose land is separated by the U.S./Mexican Border and represents the continuation, of the colonization of Indigenous people and land in the 21st Century.

…more about this from chaparral respects no borders…

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here’s part of a recent article…

Ecuador: Kichwas Preparing to Defend Their Land Against Canadian Drilling

Posted by Ahni on May 4, 2010

At an historic assembly in Ecuador two weeks ago, roughly 1000 Kichwas “overwhelmingly” agreed to mobilize against the Calgary-based oil company Ivanhoe Energy.

The government of Ecuador recently gave Ivanhoe drilling rights on the Kichwa’s traditional land within the UNESCO Sumaco Biosphere Reserve in western Ecuador.

The biosphere reserve, located near the Yasuni National Park, has been declared one of the world’s 10 “hot spots” of biodiversity. The region is inhabited by roughly 20,000 indigenous People and Ecuador citizens.


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