Indigenous People issue warning of bloodshed over Amazon dam approval

Indigenous leaders have issued a warning that “bloodshed” is imminent now that Brazil has granted rights to build the controversial Belo Monte hydroelectric dam in the Amazon.

The Auction was rushed through on Tueday, April 22, following a set of court injunctions that blocked and then unblocked the auction process.

About 500 Indigenous people, environmentalists and other concerned citizens had gathered to protest the auction, which took place inside the offices of the National Electric Energy Agency in Brazil’s capital.

The disappointng move by the government also triggered what one Kayapo leader has desciribed as a ‘war.’

“I think that today the war is about to start once more and the Indians will be forced to kill the white men again so they leave our lands alone,” said Kayapo leader Raoni Metuktire, who acts as an ambassador in the battle to protect the Amazon rainforest. “I think the white man wants too much, our water, our land. There will be a war so the white man cannot interfere in our lands again,” he added.

the rest of this article is located at intercontinental cry.

Another Indigenous Leader, Luis Xipaya, warned that “There will be bloodshed and the government will be responsible for that.”


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